2023-2024 Tuition Payment


You can pay by ACH, credit card, or check.

Click here to pay by ACH. There is no processing fee for payments by ACH.

Click here to pay by credit card. There will be a 2.66% credit card processing fee applied to the credit card payments.

On the payment form, click the ADD button next to “Level 0-5 Student.”

If you are enrolling multiple children, click the ADD button next to “Level 0-5 Sibling” for each additional student. You will get a $50 sibling discount.

If a child is new to the program, add Administrative Fee from the drop-down menu. This is a one-time $35 charge per student.

For example, if you are enrolling two children who are both new to the program, you will pay for one “Level 0-5 Student”, one “Level 0-5 Sibling”, and Administrative Fee for 2 stduents.

To pay by check, make the check to Adventures with Mr. Math, write student name(s) in the Memo section, and mail it to 305 Midwest Club Parkway, Oak Brook, IL 60523.