2023 Math Kangaroo Results!

We got our Math Kangaroo results, and our students rocked it this year! As our program grows so do the successes of our amazing students. Here are the final numbers:

  • 10 National Champions
  • 17 Top-3
  • 47 Top-10
  • 123 Top-20

These students are National Champions with a perfect score: Akhil V, Alexander P, Aria T, Helen Z, Henry T, James L-C, Julian S, Luke Z, Silu C, and Suhas K.

These students finished with the National Rank in Top-3 (rank in parenthesis): Kyle Z (2), Andy L (3), Conrad B (3), Ethan L (3), Nicolas V (3), Velika V (3), and Ziqi Z (3).

These students finished with the National Rank in Top-10 (rank in parenthesis): Aadi H (9), Agastya A (7), Alba G (6), Albert L (7), Anaamika W (8), Andy W (6), Andy Y (8), Annabelle S (4), Ashwin C (4), Calvin D (7), Daochen L (4), Declan M (7), Ethan L (8), Hanson J (4), Holden B (7), Isaac S (9), Jimmy I (7), Leonard Z (7), Milo G (7), Norbu B (10), Parker L (10), Prisha A (7), Puranjay M (4), Rohan J (10), Shivaj R (7), Steven J (6), Theo H (9), Viyan S (4), Yifan H (7), and Zimo L (6).

Way to go!!! For a complete set of Math Kangaroo reports visit National and State Winners page.

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