Mr. Math Thanks …

This program owes debt of gratitude to many individuals.

I want to thank my parents who always believed in me and supported my never-ending pursuit of my dreams.

It is impossible to fully express my infinite gratitude to my older brother, Alexander, who taught me to love and understand math. The world would be a very empty and boring place without him.

It is even more impossible to express how much I owe to my high school math teacher, late Vladimir Sapozhnikov. He was an amazing teacher and even greater person. His life lessons served me in more ways than I can describe.

I am deeply indebted to my high school counselor, teacher, mentor, and friend, Roman Guzman. He is a great role model and a true teacher at heart – someone who cares deeply about understanding and nurturing each child’s talent and aspirations.

I want to credit Peter Sompolski, Liz Sompolski, Christa Halstead, Amy Matz, and Karen Hyma who helped me teach my program at various stages of development and contributed to its improvement.

This program could not get off-the-ground without contributions from my colleagues – Varya Belyaevskaya, Peter Converse, and Michelle Johnson – who selflessly dedicated their time to help my cause.

Finally, I want to recognize over 25 parent volunteers who helped with various parts of the program. We could not get this done without their contributions!