Algebra 1 Math League 2023 Results

concentrated black kid doing sums

We had two teams compete in the Algebra 1 division of Math League this year, and they did phenomenally well! Our teams were divided up alphabetically by student name.

Below is a table that summarizes the results. Overall Place references their place internationally. Considering that this competition is through 8th grade, scoring 5th and 7th place with how young the students on our teams are is very impressive!

DivisionTeamScoreNational PlaceOverall Place
Algebra 1A-K Team12178
Algebra 1L-Z Team12956

With a cutoff score of 23, we had 11 students who made the honor roll: Arjun A, Charlotte O, Isaac C-O, John P, Jotin S, Leo S, Luke Z*, Neil I*, Rich L*, Theo H*, and William W*. Students marked with a * are in 4th or 5th grade!

Great job to all of our students!

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