AMC-8 2018 Results

Six Mr. Math students made the AMC-8 Achievement Roll among only 30 in Illinois!

Eight Mr. Math students made the AMC-8 Honor Roll and one student made the Distinguished Honor Roll

In November, our students participated in AMC-8 contest. AMC-8 is a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem-solving skills. It is one of the hardest contests for middle school students. Besides including many very challenging problems, its strict time constraint requires not just great analytical reasoning abilities, but also quick thinking and ability to solve hard problems without making mistakes.

This year’s contest produced the lowest scores in the history of AMC-8 with the average of 8.5. Only 1% of participants scored 19 or more points and made the Distinguished Honor Roll. This select group of students includes our Nate M. Only 5% of students scored 15 or more points and made the Honor Roll! Among those exceptional students are our Aayan A, Akshay N, David C, Evan L, Michael A, Sabrina T, Shiv G, and Siddarth M!

Since AMC-8 targets 8th graders, it is exceptionally difficult for younger students. AMC-8 publishes a special Achievement Roll for all students in Grades 6 or below who earn 15 or more points. Only 30 students in Illinois made the Achievement Roll this year, including six from our program: Aayan A, Akshay N, David C, Michael A, Nate M, and Sabrina T! Four other Mr. Math students missed the Achievement Roll by a single point.

Congratulations to those amazing kids! We are soooooo proud of them!!! The future of math looks brighter with all those rising stars!

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