AMC-8 Practice

In January, many students across the country will participate in AMC-8, one of the most popular and challenging middle school contests. Even though the test assumes knowledge of middle school curriculum and proficiency in contest math, there is no age restriction on participation. Students can begin participating at any age when their parent/teacher/mentor believes them to be ready.

All Level 5 students and many Level 4 students in our program compete in AMC-8. We also sometimes recommend exceptional Level 3 students to participate.

On October 9, 11, and 12, our Level 5 students will do a practice AMC-8 test during their regular session. We invite Level 4 and Level 3 students who consider participating in this contest, to join the practice. Based on the practice results and other information we have about your child, we will make recommendations regarding which students should participate in the actual contest in January.

If you want your child to participate in this practice, please, fill out the form below and select the session they will attend. We will send you the link to the session on October 8.