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Registration for 2022-2023 is Open

We welcome students nationwide who will be in Grades 2 through 7 in the 2022-2023 school year (including homeschoolers). We also accept some very advanced rising first graders. Classes meet weekly for 60 minutes, September through May. We offer many virtual classes for each level so students can find the time suitable to their schedule and time zone. We also offer some in-person classes in Downers Grove, IL.


Tuition is expected to be about $500 per child for the whole year and includes contest participation fees and all other expense. A discount is offered to families with multiple students in the program. All money is used to cover the program costs. If any amount is left over at the end of the year, it is used to offset costs for the next year. We do our best to make the program affordable to everyone while retaining the best teachers and teacher assistants.

Please, share information about our program with any other parents of eligible children you know. We are trying to reach as many kids as we can!


20 Mr. Math students made the Achievement Roll, including 15 among 66 total in Illinois!

8 Mr. Math students made the Honor Roll, including a fourth grader and 3 fifth graders!

In January, our students participated in the AMC-8 contest. AMC-8 is a 25-question, 40-minute, multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem-solving skills. It is one of the hardest contests for middle school students. Besides including many very challenging problems, its strict time constraint requires not just great analytical reasoning abilities, but also quick thinking and ability to solve hard problems without making mistakes.

The top 5% of participants make the Honor Roll. Most of these students are in 8th or 7th grade. Making the Honor Roll at a younger age is indicative of an exceptional talent and requires years of hard work. Seven Mr. Math students accomplished this feat (including 6 out of 20 in Illinois). We congratulate our students who made the Honor Roll (grade in parenthesis): Alex Z (6), Bella L (5), Carter W (7), Daniel G (5), Ethan J (6), Isaac C (5), James B (4), Samuel H (6).

Since the contest targets 8th graders, it is exceptionally difficult for younger students. AMC-8 publishes a special Achievement Roll for all students in Grades 6 or below who score 15 or more points. Twenty Mr. Math students made the Achievement Roll this year, including 15 out of 66 in Illinois: Alex Z (6), Arjun W (6), Bella L (5), Charlotte O (6), Daniel G (5), Dylan T (6), Ethan J (6), Grant L (6), Gus M (6), Heather W (6), Henry X (5), Isaac C (5), James B (4), John X (4), Keiran P (6), Ken W (6), Leo S (5), Samuel H (6), Sumanyu N (5), and William W (4)!

Congratulations to those amazing kids! We are soooooo proud of them!!! The future of math looks brighter with all those rising stars!


Samuel H wins Kentucky; David C and Max Z finish in Top-12 in Illinois!

As I previously reported, in February three students coached by Mr. Math competed in MathCounts Chapter round with great success. In March, they joined other top students in the State round.

Samuel H, competing in his first MathCounts, won the state of Kentucky and will lead the State team in the National round in Washington, D.C. in May. Making Nationals is a dream for every young mathlete and an experience that Samuel will cherish for the rest of his life. It is especially unique for Samuel, who is in 6th grade and is competing against mostly older students. With hard work and dedication, Samuel has a chance to be in an elite group of “three-timers” – students who make MathCounts Nationals in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

David C, competing in his third and final MathCounts, finished 7th in Illinois. This is an exceptional accomplishment given that Illinois is a very competitive state with a large number of brilliant students. David also joined his three teammates from Whitney Young Academic Center School to finish 3rd in the team competition, adding to his previous team win in 2020. This achievement caps a great year for David who also passed AMC-10 and made AIME!

Max Z, competing in his second MathCounts, finished 12th in Illinois, improving on his 23rd place from last year. This is a terrific result for Max who is in 7th grade and will be eligible to compete again next year. Max had an exceptional year, making Distinguished Honor Roll in the AMC-8 contest for the second time, passing AMC-10 and making AIME! With another year of learning and practicing, we fully expect Max to be among the favorites in the next year’s State MathCounts.

I invite everyone to join me in congratulating these amazing students and celebrating their accomplishments!!! David, Max, and Samuel worked very hard for many years and fully deserve their success.

Samuel’s Award
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