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Welcome to 2021-2022 Season

We are excited to open the 2021-2022 season of Adventures with Mr. Math. Now in its 9th year, our program has grown to 16 classes and 280 students from 20 states and Canada!

As always, we look forward to explore the breathtaking world of math. Together we will go where only the math pirates go. We will travel beyond the horizon and discover math treasures of infinite value.

We will learn many new properties of numbers and shapes. We will improve our analytical reasoning skills and become the greatest math detectives, using the smallest clues to uncover the deepest mysteries of math.

We will participate in many contests and defend our titles from the last year. We will support each other in the never-ending quest to get better. We are the best team ever – the teachers, the students, and the parents – we help each other, we cheer for each other, and we win together!

Contest Results 2020-2021

Learning and practicing analytical reasoning skills goes a long way towards the success in math contests. Even more importantly, when people do what they love, they usually do it quite well. And so, our students are very good when it comes to math competitions.

In 2020-2021, our teams finished among the best in Illinois, Midwest Region, and Nationally in a number of contests. Six of our students were Math Kangaroo National Champions; seven students were National Champions and three students were Midwest Regional Champions in the CML contests; three students earned George Lenchner Medals and 18 students earned Gold Pins in MOEMS contests; seven students made Honor Roll and nine made Achievement Roll in the AMC-8 contest; many students made various other Honor Rolls and earned other individual awards.

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Mr. Math Celebrates – Part 2!!!

I didn’t think it could get any better after my son, Nate, won the Illinois State MathCounts competition in April, but it just did!!! This weekend was the MathCounts National final competition. Nate finished 12th out of the 224 finalists.

Finishing in the Top-12 in the Nationals is the special dream for all MathCounts competitors because in a normal year the Top 12 qualify for the Countdown Round which determines the champion. Nate is only the fourth student from Illinois in the past 15 years to crack the Nationals Top-12.

I am a super proud father and coach. It is great to see how the hard work paid off and it will be a great motivation for Nate to work even harder in the future. If you work really hard towards your goals – nothing is impossible!!!

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