Award Pick-Up Event

Fill out the form below if you are planning to attend the event.

On Sunday, June 4 we will hold an outdoor Mr. Math Award Pick-Up event at the Hummer Park located at 4833 Fairview Ave, Downers Grove. This is an opportunity for students to meet their teachers, TA’s, and their friends in-person, celebrate their successes, pick-up individual prizes, and take pictures together. The park has a large parking and you will find us setup on the picnic tables in the large covered open-air pavilion. We will distribute various individual award certificates, medals, and trophies, team award certificates, and Math Kangaroo t-shirts and prizes. 

We hope those who live in the Chicago area and those who happen to be visiting on June 4 will be able to attend the event. If you live outside the Chicago area, we will mail the awards to you after June 4. If you are in the Chicago area, but cannot attend the event, we hope you can find another parent who will pick up your child’s awards for you, so we have fewer packages to mail.

Special Math Kangaroo note. If you took Math Kangaroo test with us and registered for “Adventures with Mr. Math ONLINE – Session One” session, you will get your MK t-shirt and prizes from us. The e-mail with the invitation to the Award Pick-Up Party indicates if this is the case. We will not mail those to you, so the event on June 4 is the only time you can pick-up your MK memorabilia.

Please, fill out the form below so we prepare the prizes for your child. If you have multiple students or if you are picking up awards for others, please, list all student names in a comma-separated list.

Since we expect a lot of people, we split the event into 3 overlapping time slots. This will help to avoid long lines. The e-mail you received indicates the time slot for which you are invited. We organized invitations by level so the kids have a chance to meet their classmates. If you need to change your time, please, choose the slot that works for you in the form below.