CML 2015 Meet 1

Last week, our teams participated in the first meet of the Continental Math League (CML) contest. Below is the summary of the results for the meet.

Grade 5
The last two problems in the CML Grade 5 test were very challenging and unlike anything we practiced this year. It was a great time to demonstrate analytical reasoning skills the students acquired. The kids were up to the challenge – 12 students solved problem 5 and eight students solved problem 6. Overall, four students earned perfect scores and seven students made just one mistake. Those kids contributed to the team score of 34 points.

Grade 4
Our fourth grade group is small, but very talented. Out of 12 students, seven earned individual perfect scores and the group average was 5.4 out of 6. Since the top six scores make the team score, that was enough for the perfect team score of 36. The kids should be very proud!

Grade 3
CML Grade 3 contest does not start until January. So, as a practice, we had our third graders participate “unofficially” in the Grade 4 contest. Even though the test is much harder than what is expected from these students, they performed extremely well. Three students had a perfect score and the average score for the group was 4.25 out of 6. We expect great results from our third graders when their turn comes to compete at their grade level in January!

Congratulations to the great start of the year for the TIAB teams!

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