CML Meet 1 Results

Six students earn perfect scores; teams first and second in Illinois!

In November, our teams competed in the first meet of the CML Grade 4 and Grade 5 contests. Both teams compete in the hardest, Pythagorean Division.

Our Grade 4 team earned 35 points out of 36 and is in the 1st place in Illinois (5 points ahead of the nearest competitor), 1st place in the Midwest Region, and T-7th nationally!

Our Grade 5 team earned 30 points and is in the 2nd place in Illinois and 4th in the Midwest Region, just 2 points behind the leaders!

Individually, Atharva N, Daniel C, Edward J, Hayden C, Jason P, and Max Z earned perfect scores and led their teams! That is 6 perfect scores among 14 total perfect scores in Illinois!

We are so proud of our amazing students!!!

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