CML Meet 2 Results

Eleven students earn perfect scores; teams first and third in Illinois!

In December, our teams competed in the second meet of the CML Grade 4 and Grade 5 contests. Both teams compete in the hardest, Pythagorean Division.

Our Grade 4 team earned perfect 36 points and is in the 1st place in Illinois (6 points ahead of the nearest competitor), 1st place in the Midwest Region, and T-4th nationally!

Our Grade 5 team earned 30 points and is in the 3rd place in Illinois and 5th in the Midwest Region.

Atharva N, Edward J, Hayden C, Jason P, Max Z, Alex J, Charlotte O, Drew C, Stefan H, Meraj A, and Rohan J earned perfect scores and led their teams!

Congratulations to our teams. On to the next meet in January!

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