CML 4-5 Meet 4 Results

22 students earned perfect scores!!

The Grade 5 CML exam was very difficult this meet! Even still, one of our two 5th grade teams is in 5th place nationally, and two of our students, Alia A. and Leo R., have received perfect scores on the first four of our meets (only 19 Grade 5 students nationally have perfect scores). With 1 more perfect score, they can earn the highest CML award – National Champion Medal (no pressure!!); only a handful of our students accomplished this amazing feat.

There are only eight 4th grade teams nationally that have perfect scores of 144, and three of them are our teams!!

After 4 meets, 34 out of 43 students contributed points to various team scores in CML Grade 5, and 43 out of 70 students contributed points to various team scores in CML Grade 4.

Individually, (Abigail S*), Albert L, Armaan M, Avish B, Cameron M, Charlie M*, Clark S, Eric Z*, (Ethan P*), Jack V*, James B*, John X*, (Julian S), (Luke Z), Luoqi D, Marco C, Maxwell S, Natalie F*, Nathan S*, (Nathaniel Z*), (Nicolas V), (Silu C*), Theo M, (Velika V), (Ziqi Z*), Aditya G, Alia A*, Amaira M, Andy D, Bella L, Drake R, Gabriel D, Henry X, Isaac C-O, Jayden C, John P, Leo R*, Leo S, Patrick C, Ryan Z, and Sumanyu N contributed to their team’s final scores. (Students in parenthesis are in 3rd grade or younger, which is very impressive.) Students with an * next to their names have earned perfect scores all on 4 meets.

We are so proud of our amazing students!!!

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