CML Grade 2-3 Meet 2 Results

18 perfect scores; both teams lead Midwest Region!

In February, our teams competed in the second meet of the CML Grade 2 and Grade 3 contests.

Our Grade 2 team, with 69 out of 72 points, is in the 1st place in the Midwest Region and 4th place nationally!

Our Grade 3 team, with the perfect 72 points, is T-1st place nationally with six other teams!

Individually, Abigail S, Albert L, Albert P, Charlie M (competing on school team), Clark S (competing on school team), Deven B, Ella S, Jay Z, James B, John X, Kaleia P, Laureen D, Lincoln S (competing on school team), Matthew T, Maxim R, Silu C, and William W earned perfect scores and led their teams!

Abigail S, Albert L, Charlie M, Clark S, Deven B, James B, John X, Laureen D, Lincoln S, Silu C, and William W are among only 115 students nationally to earn perfect scores in both Meet 1 and Meet 2!

Congratulations to our amazing students!!!

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