CML Grade 3 Meet 2 Results

Team earns another perfect score, among only seven nationally with perfect 72 out of 72!

In February, our third grade team competed in the second meet of the CML contest. The team had another great showing. While there were 26 teams nationally, including four in the Midwest Region, which had a perfect score in the first meet, only seven of those teams were able to sustain this level through the second meet. Our team was one of those to bag perfect 72 out of 72 and the only team in the Midwest Region to accomplish this feat!!!

Avi B, Cheluchi C, Eric G, Ishaan S, Neha K, and Otis N earned perfect scores and led the team! Also, Charlotte O had a perfect score competing on her school team.

Only 108 students nationally, including only seven in Illinois, earned perfect scores in both meets and are still on track for the National Champion Medal. Four of them are our own Avi B, Charlotte O, Cheluchi C, and Ishaan S.


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