CML Grade 4 Meet 4 Results

Team earns another perfect score, third place nationally, first in Midwest Region!

In February, our fourth grade team competed in the fourth meet of the CML contest. For the third time in a row, the team earned a perfect score. With 143 out of 144 points total, our Grade 4 team is leading the Midwest Region and is in the third place nationally!!!

Sixteen students earned perfect scores in this meet, including Alex J, Alex Z, Drew C, Freya P, Jason P, John G, Lizi S, Maryam M, Max S, Max Z, Meraj A, Rohan J, Sinovi A, Stefan H, Tigerlily M, and Tyler H!

Only 15 students nationally have 24 for 24 in the first four meets and none of them are in the Midwest Region. Among students with 23 out of 24, leading the Midwest Region on track for the Regional Champion Medal, are our own Alex J, Atharva N, Edward J, Jason P, and Max Z.

Way to go!!!!!

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