Congratulations to Illinois Math League Contest Winners

Twelve of our students competed on their respective school teams in the 6th grade Illinois Math League contest in February. This is a unique contest which focuses on quick computational thinking. Students are asked to solve 35 problems in 30 minutes. The last 10 problems are hard and require students to find advanced “tricks” without which the problems take too long to solve. Scores above 30 are very rare, as even the best students struggle to avoid mistakes and finish the test under the time pressure.

Illinois Math League has published the results. Thirty one top 6th graders in Illinois were recognized – those students scored 31 points or more out of 35. Among them are four our students:

  • Nate M. scored 33 points and finished top in his school and T-8 in Illinois.
  • Akshay B. scored 32 points and finished top in his school and T-11 in Illinois.
  • Siddarth M. and Prachi S. scored 31 points and finished top in their school and T-19 in Illinois.

You can find the complete report at

As always, we are extremely proud of our students, their accomplishments, and the success they bring to their schools! Congratulations!!!

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