About Math Kangaroo

Math Kangaroo is the most popular individual math contest for young kids. Millions of kids worldwide take part in Math Kangaroo on the third Thursday in March. Math Kangaroo is not just a contest, but also a great celebration of kids’ love of math around the world!

Math Kangaroo test for students in Grades 1 through 4 consists of 24 questions. Older students are asked to solve 30 questions. Students in each grade level compete only against each other. All students are given 75 minutes. The problems range from easy to extremely hard, so the most students are able to solve the first 8-10 problems, but only a small group succeeds in tackling the last few problems. Accordingly, each question has point value. A third of questions are 3 points each, a third are 4 points each, and the final third are 5 points each. The sum of earned points is the student’s score.

Hundreds of students at each grade level with high scores are recognized Nationally and by State. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals are awarded for the first, second and third place at each level nationwide. Blue Ribbon, Red Ribbon and White Ribbon are awarded for the first, second and third place in each State. In addition to the medals and ribbons, the national winners and the state winners are awarded with Certificates of Excellence and gifts which include: books, games, gift cards, toys, college grants and mathematical summer camps.