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10 years ago, I started Adventures with Mr. Math with one class of 22 students. Since then, we’ve grown to 28 classes with over 400 students all over the US and also in Canada and Australia! I am thrilled to take more and more kids on the wonderful adventure in the world of math, full of discoveries and contest awards.

Because of our level of growth, we are now in a desperate need of a new Portal for our students, parents, and teachers. The new Portal will allow us to effectively run individual and team contests, both internal and official. It will provide facilities for communications between teachers, TA’s, parents, and students, and offer parents a view of their child’s progress, schedule, etc. The Portal will offer students a virtually unlimited supply of elective problems from various areas of math, levels, and contests, and track their progress from year to year, and will also be instrumental in managing tryouts and potential summer programs.

We need between $30k and $50k more than we have to complete all necessary components of the new Portal. Without this funding, we will not be able to fulfill our dream of reaching more students. We’ve never asked for family donations before, but we really feel the new Portal is critical to the future of our organization.

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we are asking for your generous support to make this dream a reality. You can donate personally, through your company, or your employer. Please, use ACH or credit card via or mail us a check to 305 Midwest Club Parkway, Oak Brook, IL, 60523 payable to Adventures with Mr. Math.

Please, note that many organizations offer matching donations for their employees. If you work for such an organization, please, submit our information so that we could get the match. We are registered with Benevity ( which many organizations use in their donation matching programs.

Thank you so much for your generosity and support.

-Arkady Maydanchik, “Mr. Math”

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