Level 2 Session Selection Form

Please read before filling out the form below:

  • Please, select ALL sessions that work for you Under “Class Options” and ALL sessions you prefer under “First Choice”. The more options you choose, the more likely we are to be able accommodate your needs. We will try to honor the First Choice of as many students as we can, but we cannot guarantee that it will work for all.
  • Some sessions are now full. You can still mark them and we will try to find a family to switch with you. However, we strongly recommend you choose at least one class with space in it among “Class Options” so we could lock a spot for your child.
  • This form is for a specific Level (listed above), which should match the Level to which your child is invited. If you have multiple children in the program, you should fill separate form appropriate to each child level.
  • All classes this year will be virtual and will run from the first week of September through mid-May. If you need to change class mid-year we are usually able to find a family to switch with, though we cannot guarantee it.