Level 5 2021/22 Session Selection Form

Please read before filling out the form below:

  • Under “Class Options,” you should select ALL sessions that work for you, and under “First Choice,” you should select ALL sessions you prefer. The more options you choose, the more likely we are to be able accommodate your needs. We will try to honor the First Choice of as many students as we can, but we cannot guarantee that it will work for all.
  • This form is for a specific Level (listed above), which should match the Level to which your child is invited. If you have multiple children in the program, you should use the link provided in the e-mail for each child.
  • Classes will start the first week of September and will run through mid-May. The Registration Fee is expected to be $475 for Virtual classes and $550 for In-person classes, and will include everything except $21 Math Kangaroo contest registration fee. There will be a $50 discount for siblings.
  • In-Person/Virtual Situation: We plan to have in-person sessions either at the Hyatt Lodge Conference Center (former Hamburger University) in Oak Brook or at the Avery Coonley School in Downers Grove. However, it is more likely that we will start virtual because of the COVID situation – our classes rely heavily on group work with help from Teachers and TA’s, which is impractical with social distancing. Thus, unless the COVID situation allows a reasonably normal classroom setting, we will stick to virtual classes with breakout rooms for now. So, you should choose the In-Person option if you desire in-person classes but are satisfied with the virtual sessions in the interim. Of course, we will refund the prorated $75 difference between in-person and virtual classes at the end of the year or give you a credit for next year.

Level 5 Class Options

  • Please select all of the time slots that will work well for you for your child's Level 5 class.
  • Please select the class time(s) that would be your *first* choice.