Math League Grade 4 2023 Results

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We had seven teams compete in the Grade 4 division of Math League this year, and they did phenomenally well! We divided the teams up based on level in our program and student name. Two of our teams tied for fourth place nationally, and one of our teams was both the national and international champion!

Below is a table that summarizes the results. Overall Place references their place internationally. The most amazing scores are Level 0-1 L-Z Team (134 points is crazy good for such a young team, on par with our Level 2 teams) and Level 3-4 Team (149 points is the best of all teams by 6 points)!

DivisionTeamScoreNational PlaceOverall Place
Grade 4Level 0-1 A-D Team12520 
Grade 4Level 0-1 E-K Team12618
Grade 4Level 0-1 L-Z Team13479
Grade 4Level 2 A-C Team135T-4T-6
Grade 4Level 2 D-M Team133810
Grade 4Level 2 N-Z Team135T-4T-6
Grade 4Level 3-4 Team149ChampionChampion

With a cutoff score of 23, we had 104 students who made the honor roll, and we had four perfect scores.

Julian S, Milo G, Nathaniel Z, and Steven J all earned perfect scores of 30 points

Aadi H, Aarya D, Aayush C, Abigail S, Abram B-M, Adam L, Agastya V, Aidan G, Aiden H*, Akhil V, Alba G, Albert P, Alex L, Alexander P, Anaamika W*, Anna J*, Anneliese A, Aria T, Ariyan P, Ashwin C*, Bexley L-C*, Brendan R, Caleb A, Calvin D, Cameron M, Chase C, Colin M, Conrad B*, Dani B, Daniel W, Daochen L, Daxton A, Declan M, Derek W, Devin L, Ella G, Eric X, Ethan H, Ethan L, Ethan L*, Ethan P, Evan K, Finn G, Hanson J, Helen F*, Henry T*, Holden B*, Ian H, Isaac L, Isaac S (Level 4), Isaac S (Level 2), Isabelle C, Isabelle W, James L-C, James W*, Jason J, Jonah A, Jonathan Y, Jupiter H, Kai B, Kaley H, Katie L, Kevin M, Kira T, Kyle Z*, Leonard Z, Luke Z, Matthew T, Mehmet K, Michael J, Nathaniel G, Nayan M, Nicholas A, Nicolas V, Nishil M, Nivaan S*, Nora U, Norbu B, Parker L, Patrick S, Praagya C, Prem S, Ramanuja V, Rohan S, Sawyer M, Shivaj R, Silu C, Suhas K, Valerie Y, Velika V, Victoria Z, Vihaan K, Vishwakarthik P, Viyan S, Wesley B, Youning W*, Zachary C, and Ziqi Z all made the Honor Roll! Students with an * next to their names are in 1st or 2nd grade, which is even more amazing.

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