Math League Grade 5 2023 Results

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We had two teams compete in the Grade 5 division of Math League this year, and they did phenomenally well! Our teams were divided up alphabetically by student name

Our Grade 5 teams finished 1st and 2nd nationally (3rd and 4th overall).

Below is a table that summarizes the results. Overall Place references their place internationally.

DivisionTeamScoreNational PlaceOverall Place
Grade 5A-K Team14224
Grade 5L-Z Team143Champion3

With a cutoff score of 24, we had 32 students who made the honor roll, and we had six almost perfect scores of 29/30.

Albert L, Alexander B, Avish B, Maxwell S, Neil I, and Zimo L all earned 29 points!

Aleena W, Andy W, Armaan M, Azim J, Chloe C, Eric Z, James R, Jed S, Kaleia P, Katherine Y, Leela U, Marco C, Maya L-S, Musa S, Myra S, Ophelia B, Rebecca H, Rey B, Reyansh G, Rich L, Saahil J, Silan Z, Ved C, Veehaan M, Vikram N, and Walter W all made the Honor Roll!

Congratulations to all of our students for their hard work!

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