Math League Contest Scheduling

On May 15-18 we will hold the meets of Math League ( Grade 4, Grade 5, and Algebra 1 contests. The e-mail you have received from us shows the meet(s) to which your child is invited. Please, use the form below to choose the session(s) in which you child will participate.

Math League contest starts from Grade 4 level, but we invite many of our younger students who have shown great math abilities. Your child is invited based on their result in previous contests as well as the practice we ran last month. There is no pressure and no high expectations for younger children, who will do this contest again through fourth grade. However, if you are not comfortable, simply choose ‘Student will not compete in ML-4’.

As always, each student can only compete in this contest on one team. Please, check with your school to confirm that your child is not on the school Math League team. Since there are many contests with ‘Math League’ in the name, remember that the contest we participate in has one meet with 30 multiple-choice questions over 30 minutes. Note that your child can compete in one division on their school team and another division on our team. For example, we do not participate in Math League Grade 6 or 7 because many schools do it. If your child participates in one of those on their school team, they can still compete in Math League Algebra 1 on our team.

If your child is eligible to participate, but you don’t want them for some reason or the schedule doesn’t work for you, please fill out the form and select ‘Student will not compete in ML’ in all 3 drop-boxes so we know your decision.