MOEMS-E Meet 4 Results

8 students earn perfect scores, and an additional 32 students score 4 out of 5!

This year we fielded five teams in the MOEMS Division E contest: two combined Level 4 and Level 5 Teams, a Level 3 Team, and two combined Levels 1 and 2 Teams. In February, our teams competed in the fourth meet, and did amazingly well. This is even more impressive since we have now had 3 MOEMS-E meets in a row with national average of 1.7-1.8 out of 5 which makes this year overall the hardest in the last 10 years: 

  • Our combined grades 4-5 teams earned 40 and 41 points, respectively
  • Our level 3 team scored 31/50
  • Our combined level 1 and 2 teams scored 36 and 32 points, respectively

Individually, students averaged 2.89 out of 5, compared to 1.75 national average! With that national average, this test was incredibly difficult this time around, just like the last meet was. Typically, the average is more around 2.0 points. It’s very impressive that about a third of our students got 4 or more points. Here are the averages by grade on our team compared with the national averages (the difference is shown in parenthesis):

  • Grade <= 4: 2.65 vs 1.47 (+1.18)
  • Grade 5: 3.05 vs 1.80 (+1.25)
  • Grade 6: 3.13 vs 2.03 (+1.16)

Congratulations to Ethan J, Gus M*, John X*, Joshua K, Keiran P, Ken W, Leo S*, and (Luke Z)* who all earned perfect scores! (All students in parentheses are in 2nd or 3rd grade, which is amazing!!). The students with * next to their name have so far earned perfect scores on all four of our MOEMS-E meets. One more perfect score, and they would earn the highest MOEMS award – The George Lenchner’s Medal.

We are so proud of our students!!

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