MOEMS-E Penultimate Meet Results

3 students earn perfect scores, 15 earn 4 out of 5 in super hard meet!

In February, our teams competed in the penultimate meet of the MOEMS E competition. This was by far the hardest test of the year and one of the most difficult in recent memory. The national average score was just 1.6 out of 5. Our students bravely faced this challenge and did very well:

  • Team A (Level 4 and 3.5) has 174 out of 200 points after 4 meets
  • Team B (Level 3) has 150 out of 200 points after 4 meets
  • Team C (Level 2) has 139 out of 200 points after 4 meets

All three teams are on target for the top award given to 10% of best teams in their grade group.

Individually, students averaged 2.6 out of 5, compared to 1.6 national average! Here are the averages by grade on our team compared with the national averages (the difference is shown in parenthesis):

  • Grade 3: 1.8 vs 1.1 (+0.7)
  • Grade 4: 2.2 vs 1.2 (+1.0)
  • Grade 5: 2.8 vs 1.6 (+1.2)
  • Grade 6: 3.2 vs 2.0 (+1.2)

Congratulations to Max Z, Henry C, and Liz F who earned perfect scores in this exceptionally difficult meet! The score of 4 out of 5 on this test was terrific, and was achieved by Max S, Michael A, Liam G, Nabeel H, Alex J, Anthony Q, Jason L, Theo T, Tai N, Gus M, Dylan T, Lizi S, Cheluchi C, Heather W, and Ansh S!

Max Z earned perfect 20 out of 20 after four meets and has a chance to earn the highest MOEMS awards – the George Lenchner Medal.

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