MOEMS-M Meet 1 Results

7 students earn perfect scores; 18 students score 4 out of 5!

This year we fielded three teams in the MOEMS Division M contest: Grade 7 Team A and Grade 4-6 Teams B and C. In November, our teams competed in the first meet with great success:

  • Team A scored 38 points.
  • Team B scored 45 points.
  • Team C scored 39 points.

Individually, students averaged 2.97 out of 5, compared to 2.22 national average! Here are the averages by grade on our team compared with the national averages (the difference is shown in parenthesis):

  • Grade <= 6: 3.00 vs 2.06 (+0.94)
  • Grade 7: 2.93 vs 2.10 (+0.83)

Congratulations to Gus M, (James B), (John X), (Leo S), Samuel H, Alex Z, and Chuck P who earned perfect scores! (Students in parentheses are in 5th grade or younger, which is amazing!!)

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