MOEMS-M Meet 4

Students perform great in the hardest meet of the year!

In February, our teams competed in the penultimate meet of the MOEMS Division M contest. This meet was by far the hardest of the year, with average score nationally at just 1.3 out of 5 points. Whopping 65% of students scored 0 or 1 and only 7.5% of students scored 4+. Students on our teams averaged 3.0, which is 1.7 points above the national average! Every student scored 2 or better, and 22.7% of students scored 4+.

Our two teams scored 31 points each and now have a total of 155 and 142 points respectively. Both teams are poised to exceed the Highest Team Achievement Award threshold.

Congratulations to Renee Q, Anjali J, Nate M, Rachelle Q, and Arjun S, who earned 4 out of 5 in this super-difficult test!

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