Mr. Math Celebrates – Part 2!!!

I didn’t think it could get any better after my son, Nate, won the Illinois State MathCounts competition in April, but it just did!!! This weekend was the MathCounts National final competition. Nate finished 12th out of the 224 finalists.

Finishing in the Top-12 in the Nationals is the special dream for all MathCounts competitors because in a normal year the Top 12 qualify for the Countdown Round which determines the champion. Nate is only the fourth student from Illinois in the past 15 years to crack the Nationals Top-12.

I am a super proud father and coach. It is great to see how the hard work paid off and it will be a great motivation for Nate to work even harder in the future. If you work really hard towards your goals – nothing is impossible!!!

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