16 students make State, 2 students make Nationals!

In February-March, the best students across the USA competed in MathCounts – the most important math competition for middle schools. In MathCounts, students in Grade 6-8 compete in the same division and so the older students have a big advantage. It is particularly hard for the 6th graders to do well. The MathCounts competition consists of three rounds.

In the Chapter round, the best students from various schools compete against the others from their region. The top students from each Chapter make it to the State round. Out of the 32 Mr. Math students who participated in the Chapter round, 16 made the State round! Seven of those students are 6th graders, seven are 7th graders, and two are 8th graders. These students are (grade in parenthesis): Arjun W (7), Charlotte O (7), Daniel G (6), Drake R (6), Ethan J (7), Isaac C-O (6), Keiran P (7), Ken W (7), Leo R (6), Max Z (8), Patrick C (6), Puranjay M (6), Samuel H (7), Siri C (8), Tara P (6), and Yuvraj C (7).

In the State round, the top students in each State compete for the few coveted spaces in the National round. Only 4 best students from each State are invited. Two of our students made the National round and two others finished in the Top-10 in their States. This is amazing given that most of our students are young!

Samuel H, competing in his second MathCounts, repeated as the winner in the state of Kentucky and will again lead the Kentucky State team in the National round in Orlando, FL in May. Making Nationals is a dream for every young mathlete. It is especially unique for Samuel, who has a very real chance to be in an elite group of “three-timers” – students who make MathCounts Nationals in 6th, 7th, and 8th grade.

Puranjay M, competing in his first MathCounts as a 6th grader, finished 4th in the state of Arizona. He joins a small group of 6th graders who will compete in the Nationals. With hard work and dedication, Puranjay has a chance to join Samuel as a “three-timer”.

Maz Z, competing in his third and final MathCounts, finished 5th in Illinois. Max actually tied the 4th place score and lost on a tiebreaker. This is an exceptional accomplishment given that Illinois is a very competitive state with a large number of brilliant students. This completes a terrific MathCounts trilogy during which Max finished 23rd as a 6th grader and 12th as a 7th grader.

Isaac C-O, competing in his first MathCounts as a 6th grader, finished 7th in Illinois, by far the best results for a 6th grader in Illinois. With another year of learning and practicing, we fully expect Isaac to be among the favorites in the next year’s State MathCounts.

I invite everyone to join me in congratulating these amazing students and celebrating their accomplishments!!! They worked very hard for many years and fully deserve their success.

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