On February 17, students all across the United States competed in the Chapter round of MathCounts – the most important math competition for middle school. In the Chapter round, the best students from various schools compete against others from their region. The top students from each Chapter make it to the State round.

Mr. Math is thrilled to announce that the three students he has coached made the State round. David C (Grade 8) and Max Z (Grade 7) will be among students competing in Illinois State MathCounts on March 5. Both David and Max previously competed in Illinois State MathCounts and finished in the Top 25 despite being at the time 6th graders competing against much older students. Samuel H (Grade 6) will be among students competing in Kentucky State MathCounts on March 26.

I invite everyone to join me in congratulating these amazing students and celebrating their accomplishments!!! David, Max, and Samuel worked very hard for many years and fully deserve their success. I hope they will achieve their greatest results yet in the State round!

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