Deep Divers

Deep Divers Curriculum

Students in our Deep Divers program have already learned many in-depth contest math topics – usually those covered in the “Introduction to” series of Art of Problem Solving books. Our sessions are designed to identify and fill the gaps in students’ knowledge and understanding of those math topics. The program is split into two sections, each covering a different set of topics, so that students can participate two years in a row without an overlap. In 2023-2024, we cover the following topics:

  • Unit 1. Algebra. Intro to Polynomials
  • Unit 2. Geometry. Intro to Triangles
  • Unit 3. C&P. Counting Techniques
  • Unit 4. Algebra. Advanced Equations
  • Unit 5. Geometry. Advanced Triangles and Polygons
  • Unit 6. NT. Base Systems and Decimals

The problems that we work on range from mid-AMC-8 to mid-AMC-10 level of difficulty and should help students prepare for MathCounts competition at the State level.