To Infinity and Beyond, Levels 2-3

To Infinity and Beyond: Levels 2-3

By the time students arrive to Level 2, typically in third or fourth grade, they are ready to face real math challenges and explore pre-algebra patterns in numbers. We avoid over-using algebra at this age, rather we focus on solving math puzzles without algebra, but start introducing algebraic ways of presenting our solutions.

The math problems at those levels turn into multi-step puzzles. Our main focus is on number theory, logic, and introductory topics in counting and geometry. We investigate divisibility rules and factorization, prime numbers, perfect numbers, and amicable numbers, study advanced logic puzzles and cryptarithms, learn how to count sub-shapes in 2-D figures and how to use tables for advanced counting, investigate properties of arithmetic sequences and series, and explore infinitely beautiful patterns in Fibonacci numbers and Pythagorean triples.

Students in Level 2 and Level 3 participate in a variety of age- and skill-appropriate contests. Those include CML, Math Kangaroo, Math League, and MOEMS Division E. Many students also compete in math contests on their school teams.