Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants (TA’s) are important in the running of our classes. We welcome college students or high schoolers who would like to join our great team as Teaching Assistants. We have two types of TA’s: Assistant TA’s and Lead TA’s:

Assistant TA’s are usually high schoolers (sophomores, juniors, and seniors). Some are former Adventures with Mr. Math students, and some are on their school math teams. Others are just good at working with kids. They typically work 1 hour a week, with some weeks off. Most classes are Mon-Thurs, and we might have a few on Fridays and Saturdays.

The responsibilities of an Assistant TA include mainly the following:

  • Answering/monitoring students’ answers in chat.
  • Observing students and engaging students that do not seem connected or active.
  • While students are working in the breakout rooms, provide support and guidance.
  • Proctor internal and official contests.
  • Assist Lead TA and teachers with other activities as needed

Lead TA’s are usually college students or high schoolers that have been Assistant TA’s for us in the past. They typically work more hours per week (ranging from 3 to 8). They have the same responsibilities as Assistant TA’s, but they are also the host of the Zoom room, create and monitor breakout rooms, and take over in case the teacher gets kicked out. Lead TA’s need to be very responsible and responsive.

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