About Vikki Williams

Vikki Williams grew up homeschooled in rural Arkansas, with her parents pursuing a math-heavy curriculum. A friendly teacher at the local High School, Beverly Ratliff, encouraged her (and her sister!) to compete in MathCounts, and a new passion was ignited! Also, she had internet even back then, and after MathCounts was done, she discovered even more math competitions to involve herself in. She especially enjoyed the (proof-based) USAMTS as a (still-homeschooled) High Schooler. She convinced her dad to let her spend her own money to register for the AHSME (the precursor of the AMC 10/12 competition series), which was followed by the AIME and USAMO as well!

Vikki studied at Caltech (California Institute of Technology), where she obtained a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics. That was followed by some years as a private tutor, and in 2015, she finally “broke in” to the math-competitions-prep world, running  small classes for Pyramid Academy for Gifted Youth (PAGY). Three years after that, she got to coach the math team of one of the most competitive schools in the state!

These days, in her spare time, she enjoys thinking about programming, theology, leadership, fiction, and internet communities.