Penultimate CML Meet

Eight students earn perfect scores; second grade team leads in the Midwest Region!

In February, our teams competed in the penultimate meet of the CML contest. Here are the results by team:

  • Grade 2: After stellar 35 out of 36 points in the first round, the team added 34 points in the second round to place 1st in Illinois and the Midwest Region, 2 points clear of the competition, and 6th nationally!!!
  • Grade 3: The team followed the 33-pt performance in the first round with another 33-pt score. The team is in the 3rd place in Illinois and 5th place in the Midwest Region, just a few points behind the leaders.
  • Grade 3*: Four students from our program compete in CML for their school and helped their team to reach the 2nd place in Illinois! Congratulations to those kids for their contributions to the school team!
  • Grade 4: The team scored 28 points in the fourth round for a total of 123 points. With one round to go, the team is in the 2nd place in Illinois, 3rd place in the Midwest Region, and 16th place nationally.

Individually, Aisha R, Nick P, Ansh S, Craig L, John G, Charlotte O, Maryam M, and Anthony Q earned perfect scores and led their teams! For Aisha R and Nick P this is the second perfect score in a row, which places them among just 6 second graders in the Midwest Region and 44 nationally to accomplish this feat!!!

Overall, 21 out of 45 students had a perfect score in at least one round. Most importantly, 37 out of 45 students have made contributions to the team score. That is a true team spirit!!!

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