Levels and Classes

Our programs are split into many levels and targets students in Grades 2-8, though we admit some exceptional first graders. We strive to put each child into the best situation to develop their abilities while maintaining positive and happy experience. Therefore, we place students into levels based on their abilities and maturity rather than their school grade. As a result, our classes often have a mix of students from 2-3 grades. For example, a typical Level 2 class in the cornerstone To Infinity and Beyond program has 80% of fourth graders and 20% of third graders, with an occasional second grader. There is even more age variety in the higher levels and advanced programs. 

Note that all students in our program are gifted and so most students are in an accelerated math program at school. Therefore, school placement in an accelerated or even a double- or triple-accelerated class at school does not translate into similar acceleration in our program. 

Each class in our cornerstone To Infinity and Beyond program has between 14 and 18 students and is taught by one of our amazing teachers with the help of two teaching assistants. Our TA’s are either undergraduate students majoring in math/engineering/education or high school students, and most are our program alumni.

Each class in the Deep Divers program has 4 students and is taught by a teacher with the help of one teaching assistant. All TA’s in the Deep Divers program have had great success in advanced math contests and most are our program alumni.

In the Rising Stars program, students are split in pairs and each pair is assigned to a mentor. Our mentors are exceptional young mathematicians, with a history of great success in middle and high school math contests. Most are National MathCounts and USA(J)MO qualifiers. Mentors rotate their mentees from time to time so that students get exposed to various ways of thinking.

The small class sizes and working in small groups provide exceptional students with many opportunities to go above and beyond their peers. Our homework always includes problems of varying difficulty, so everyone is challenged. Finally, since our teams participate in math contests at many levels, we often invite exceptional students to participate in some contests with the higher group in addition to their participation in the contests at their level.