Purple Comet 2023 Results

Our students complete with great success against older mathletes!

This year, our Rising Stars and some of the Deep Divers competed in the Purple Comet Math Meet, an international team mathematics competition run since 2003 under the leadership of one of the founding father of the US Olympiad movement – Titu Andreescu. In the Purple Comet Math Meet, teams of six students compete by working together to solve 20 difficult problems in 60 minutes.

We entered three teams in the Middle School contest. It was a great challenge for our students since most teams in the Middle School division are made of seventh and eighth graders, while most of our students are much younger: we only had one eighth grader and six seventh graders among our 18 competitors. Despite this handicap, our teams performed exceptionally well.

  • Our Deep Divers, Arjun W, Edward J, Ken W, Neev S, and Puranjay M, along with our alumni, Samuel H, formed a cross-state team and finished among Top 50 out of 2,000+ teams worldwide with a score of 17 out of 20. Despite their “varsity” status among our teams, none of the students on this team are eighth graders and so this is a wonderful accomplishment.
  • Our Illinois Rising Stars, Bella L, Charlotte O, Isaac C-O, James B, and William W, joined forces with our alumni, Max Z, and finished 15th Nationally in the in-state mixed team division and tied for 2nd place in Illinois among all teams, with a score of 15 out of 20. This is terrific given that the team only had one eighth grader and one seventh grader along with two sixth graders and two fifth graders.
  • Our youngest team of Rising Stars Alexander B, Daniel G, James S, John X, Leo S, and Sumanyu N, also scored 15 out of 20. Amazingly, this team was made of a fourth grader, two fifth graders, and three sixth graders!
  • Ethan J competed on his school team, which also scored 15 out of 20 and tied for 2nd in Illinois among all teams.

We congratulate our amazing mathletes and look forward to even better results next year!

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