To Infinity and Beyond

Our cornerstone program for students in Grades 1-7 teaches how to use analytical reasoning skills to solve difficult math problems and puzzles. Through games and math contests — where we participate as a team and support each other’s efforts — we help kids fall in love with math and create a foundation for future success.

Deep Divers

Deep Divers is an advanced program designed to identify and fill the gaps in students’ knowledge and understanding of advanced contest math topics. It targets students who have already learned many in-depth contest math topics and are willing to work hard to achieve success in MathCounts, AMC-8, AMC-10 competitions and beyond.

Rising Stars

Rising Stars is a mentoring program where highly talented students in 4th – 7th grade are matched with some of the most accomplished high schoolers in the nation. The focus of the program is on solving difficult problems and teaching young students the secrets of how the best in business go about finding the right paths to solutions.