Summer Program Registration

Over six weeks between July 10 and August 18 we will run an optional summer program for young students entering To Infinity and Beyond program Levels 1-3. Each week we will run several 60-minute sessions during which our teachers and TA’s will work with students in small groups of 2-3.

The purpose of these sessions is not to teach new material but to practice solving math problems. For the returning students this is an opportunity to stay sharp over the summer and make sure they do not forget what they have learned in the previous level. For the new students it is an opportunity to catch up on what current students have learned and get comfortable with the program.

If you want your child to attend, please, fill out the form below ASAP and select weeks during which your child is interested in participating. The cost is $20 per session. Each student can attend as few or as many sessions as they want. Note that this form is not a commitment to participate but will simply help us plan the number of sessions and the number of teachers and TA’s.