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MOEMS-E Meet 1 Results

56 students earn perfect scores; 35 students score 4 out of 5!

This year we fielded five teams in the MOEMS Division E contest: two combined Level 4 and Level 5 Teams, a Level 3 Team, and two combined Levels 1 and 2 Teams. In November, our teams competed in the first meet with great success:

  • 4 of our 5 Teams earn perfect scores of 50 points!
  • One of our Level 1-2 teams was only one point off of a perfect score: 49/50!

Individually, students averaged 3.83 out of 5, compared to 2.4 national average! Here are the averages by grade on our team compared with the national averages (the difference is shown in parenthesis):

  • Grade <= 4: 3.64 vs 2.03 (+1.61)
  • Grade 5: 3.91 vs 2.46 (+1.45)
  • Grade 6: 4.11 vs 2.81 (+1.42)

Congratulations to Henry X, Jake I, James B, John X, Keiran P, Ken W, Leo R, Leo S, Michael C, Samuel H, William W, Alex Z, Arjun W, Bella L, Charlotte O, Chuck P, Daniel G, Drake G, Drake R, Dylan T, Edward J, Emily Z, Grady S, Grant L, Gus M, Aditi G, Aditya G, Adler H, Amaira M, Andrew M, Andy D, Cassandra C, Ethan S, Gavin K, Isaac C, Patrick C, Zahra D, Laureen D, Lincoln S, (Luke Z), Marco C, Nathan S, Rich L, Silan Z, (Silu C), (Ziqi Z), Albert L, Armaan M, Avish B, Charlie M, Clark S, Ilan W, Jack V, James R, (Jonah A), (Julian S) , and Derrick K (on his school team) who all earned perfect scores! (All students in parentheses are in 2nd or 3rd grade, which is amazing!!)

CML Grade 4-5 Meet 1 Results

37 students earned perfect scores; all 4th grade teams tied for the first place nationally!

This year, we split our students into teams of 20-25 students to give more students a chance to contribute to team scores, even though it makes it more difficult for each team to win against other schools that often enter just one large team. All of our teams also compete it the more difficult Pythagorean Division, and they did so well!

All 3 of our Grade 4 teams earned perfect score of 36 points and are tied 1st place nationally with 6 other teams!!

Our Grade 5 teams scored 33 and 34, which places them in the top 25 teams nationally and in the top 5 in the Midwest region!

Individually, Abigail S, Albert L, Aleena W, Alexander P, Cameron M, Charlie M, Clark S, Eric Z, Ethan P, Isaac S, Jack V, James B, James R, John X, Julian S, Kyle S, Laureen D, Luoqui D, Marco C, Natalie F, Nathan S, Nathaniel Z, Ophelia B, Silu C, Surendra V, Theo M, Veehaan M, Zimo L, Ziqi Z, Alia A, Cassandra C, Henry X, John P, Leo R, Rohan J, Ryan Z, and Derrick K. (on a school team) earned perfect scores and led their teams! That is 37 perfect scores among 335 Nationally!

We are so proud of our amazing students!!!