Peter Sompolski

Peter Sompolski (a.k.a-Mr. Solve-It) attended Northeastern Illinois University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education in 1986, and later earned a Master of Arts in Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers in 1992. He also has taken numerous math courses throughout his tenure, over 60 graduate hours beyond his Master’s, to feed his passion for mathematics. Mr. Sompolski had the pleasure of working with Arkady Maydanchik in the early years of development of the Adventures with Mr. Math. Peter is excited to join this impressive program in 2021.

Mr. Sompolski currently resides in Naperville, Illinois with his wife of thirty years, who is also a teacher in Butler District #53. They were fortunate to meet as teaching partners and elope after their first year. Peter and his wife, Elizabeth, have two grown daughters, Katherine and Megan, who live nearby. They have adjusted to their new role as empty-nesters by rescuing a new puppy. Life is just better when you’re busy and the Sompolskis have much love to share!

In June of 2020, Mr. Sompolski retired from Butler District #53, in Oak Brook, Illinois where he spent 33 years instructing fourth and fifth graders. Just a month and a half after retiring, he was flattered when they requested him to please consider teaching one more year in the Advanced Learning Program of Mathematics, to fill a maternity position. He graciously accepted and has welcomed the new challenge. Peter loves challenges so much, just for fun he took his daughter’s final college class with her in Calculus. He might have loved the experience a bit more than she did, but it was truly a blast for both of them.

Peter’s passions include geography, swimming, biking, and playing with his little pooch, Jackson. Traveling also tops his list of loves and taking a European cruise with his family will happen in the near future. Although the pandemic stopped that plan for a while, Peter is hopeful exploring the world with his family, on land and sea, will soon return.

Mr. Solve-It encourages his students to give it their all, ask questions, and learn by their mistakes. Making mistakes is an important part of learning. Mr. S. enjoys celebrating the mathematical holidays. You’ll find him eating a homemade apple pie on 3/14 and enjoying an Italian meal to celebrate Fibonacci Day on 11/23. Mathematics has all been Mr. Sompolski’s passion. He has always adored working with numbers and children. Life is good!