Welcome to 2021-2022 Season

We are excited to open the 2021-2022 season of Adventures with Mr. Math. Now in its 9th year, our program has grown to 16 classes and 280 students from 20 states and Canada!

As always, we look forward to explore the breathtaking world of math. Together we will go where only the math pirates go. We will travel beyond the horizon and discover math treasures of infinite value.

We will learn many new properties of numbers and shapes. We will improve our analytical reasoning skills and become the greatest math detectives, using the smallest clues to uncover the deepest mysteries of math.

We will participate in many contests and defend our titles from the last year. We will support each other in the never-ending quest to get better. We are the best team ever – the teachers, the students, and the parents – we help each other, we cheer for each other, and we win together!

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