About CML

Continental Math League (CML) contests are offered to kids from second grade to high school. CML math contests in grades 4 and higher are offered in two divisions – Euclidean (easier) and Pythagorean (harder).

Students compete in 3-5 meets between November and March. During each meet, students are asked to solve 6 problems in 30 minutes. A student’s individual score is the total number of problems they solve over all meets. The team score for each meet is the sum of top 6 individual scores. This format provides an opportunity for different students to contribute to the team score at different meets. It encourages each student to do their best at every meet, even if the did not get a high score on a previous one.

National and Regional awards are given to the top teams and students. In addition, up to 7 students who make greatest contributions to each team score receive individual medals and certificates.

Our teams participate in CML math contests for Grades 2 through 5. Our 4th and 5th grade teams compete in the harder Pythagorean division.