About Aaron Sikes

Aaron Sikes has been a professional programmer and web developer for the past 15 years. He jumped straight into industry shortly after high school, and has worked in diverse fields such as optics engineering, oncological data science, and social media.

But after building enough apps and dashboards for one lifetime he started looking for something more personal. Since he was always drawn towards teaching, coaching, and support roles mentoring junior engineers, Adventures with Mr. Math seemed like a perfect fit.

In high school Aaron competed in the Massachusetts and New England Math Leagues, as well as the school’s science and Enviro-thon teams. He took advanced math, science, and computer science classes, and tutored a *lot* of his friends and classmates. He’s taught programming professionally, and as a volunteer with Code Nation.

For him, the spirit of mathematics is exploration, awe, and wonder. Everything is connected!! You’re always just a pause and a think away from a new connection or a new perspective on something you thought you knew.

In his spare time you can find him working on his own custom programming language, reading mystery stories, or learning something on YouTube.