MOEMS-M Penultimate Meet Results

3 students earn perfect scores; 14 students score 4 out of 5!

In February, our teams competed in the penultimate meet of the MOEMS-M competition. This was another difficult test but our teams persevered. Our Team A (students in Grades 7-8) has 180 points out of 200 – fifteen more than the best our teams ever had at this point – and is all but guaranteed the Highest Team Achievement Award. Team B (students in Grades 5-6) has 145 points and is one step away from earning the Meritorious Team Achievement Award for top 6th grade teams.

Individually, students averaged 2.7 out of 5, compared to 2.0 national average! Congratulations to Amanda S, David C, and Henry C who earned perfect scores in this difficult test!

David C and Henry C earned perfect scores in all 4 meets and are one step away from the most prestigious George Lenchner Medal!!!

Twelve students with the score of 17 or better, including a fifth grader Dylan T, have a shot at the Gold Pin. Thirty eight students with 13 or better, including fifth graders Ari S, Charlotte O, Edward J, and Gus M could earn Silver Pin.

Let’s cheer for our exceptional young students!!!

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